Thursday, November 1, 2007

Amanda, the Halloween Grinch

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween. The scary movies, the creepy costumes, and the screaming children…

I came home from work yesterday and as I walked to my house from my car, a herd of trick-or-treaters approached me. I debated whether I should pass my house so that they wouldn't come bother me, but I realized how silly that was and how that made me the Halloween Grinch. As I walked up my stairs, the children followed me! How rude! It's not like they were there without adult supervision. You would think the parents would know better than to send their begging children to my doorstep as I'm just getting in from work. I just thought that was a bit disrespectful. I walked in the house and instructed my mother to take care of them. I didn't want any part of it! (Though later on, a little girl in a Snow White costume came by and poked her head through the window of our front door to see if she could see anyone - it creeped me out but made me laugh so hard and she was so cute too.)

We didn't even get the good candy this year, as my mother feared destruction by her chocolate addiction. Well, why couldn't we have gotten candy she didn't like! We were totally that house that little kids dread getting candy from because our "candy" was mini bags of UTZ pretzels (I think they're cute though because they are shaped like bats and jack-o-lanterns!).

This past weekend I dressed up. Now, I'm not usually a fan of dressing up. In fact, this morning I told this guy who was hitting on me at the bagel store that "I don't do that" when he inquired about my Halloween costume and complimented my eyes (what a line, by the way). But Steph begged me to dress up because we were going to a Halloween party, after all. So, I begrudgingly went to Party City two hours before I had to leave my house and bought myself some bunny ears, tail, and pink fishnets. I looked cute, not gonna lie, and I actually had fun! It was kind of ironic since I'm always so negative about that. But why be negative when I hadn't done it in years? No reason to knock it til you've tried it, so to speak.

My overall Halloween experience was pleasant. Not too many trick-or-treaters at my house and I had a fabulous Halloween weekend with the people I love hanging out with most!! I may even dress up next year - maybe I'll be a sexy Grinch…

Sarada the Flapper, Amanda the Bunny, and Steph the Addams Family Matriarch Morticia
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