Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MTV Mondays

Well, now that my beloved trainwreck The Hills is over, what am I to do with my Monday nights? Oh, never fear, Amanda, for MTV has a lot more "reality" TV up its sleeve. And that includes Bromance and The City.

Let's start with something I actually enjoyed. The City was good. I mean, it was still the obvious scenes and questions and dumbfounded looks from Whitney, but I still liked it and was slightly excited when a second episode followed the premiere. You can so tell what these personalities are like already.

Olivia is pretty awful - spoiled, rude, and has a greater-than-thou attitude. She was particularly pretentious in the scene at Bergdorf's when they went to meet Manolo Blahnik, talking about her first pair at the age of 17 at her deb ball. No one cares. Olivia is gorgeous though. Just ask her, I'm sure she'll tell you. (However, the previews do make it seem a little like she's looking out for Whitney and wants to make sure she doesn't fall for the wrong crowd. But is the Uptown crowd right for Whit?).

Jay is a player for sure. I don't trust him for one sec. I think Alex is partially looking out for Whitney and partially spiteful over Whit choosing Jay instead of him. And I'm not really sure where Erin came from - how does Whitney know her besides sleeping on her couch - but I do love her. She's sassy and seems sweet.

And I loved that Kelly Cutrone was in it. She may be a bit quirky and crazy, but she's a business woman with a lot of connections. And she really does seem to care about Whitney. Kelly seemed so motherly toward her last night. But is she sticking around the New York office now instead of the LA People's Revolution?

We'll see what happens, but I enjoyed the new drama and I absolutely love that it is in my own City - I knew a lot of the places they were at last night and that was very exciting. NYC > LA for sure! :)

As for Bromance - well I can't say much because I was mostly browsing the Internet throughout the show. I missed the beginning, but didn't care much for what I did see and pay attention to. It's a pretty ridiculous show with no staying power.

I'll be sure to set my DVR for The City; however Bromance does not appeal to me even if there is nothing else on TV - totally unwatchable.

Photo: MTV.com
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Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Like Santa

My grandmother used to say (in her best Spanish accent) "From mi to mi!" when she made a purchase for herself. While she had a really great mentality - I think I've been following her sage advice way too much as of late. Tis the season to go shopping. But I think I'm overdoing it a bit. I've made so many online purchases this season and I'm not done with my shopping yet! The reason: I seem to be buying myself quite a few presents.

Here's the problem as I see it. How in the world can I pass up such good deals? There are free shipping orders all over the place, as well as 20, 25, and 30 percent off sale price deals! I'm really trying to not get anything in excess - I really do think about my purchases carefully but I can't help it! I get such delight after making a purchase. Paying my credit card bill later on is another story.

I just bought a few things, two gifts included, from J. Crew. I was slightly miffed that the day after I placed my order, things went on even more of a sale, but what can you do? I still got awesome deals. My package arrived today and I was so embarrassed at the size of the box. It was so large and in charge that I could barely maneuver it back to my cube. It was so big because I ordered the cutest pair of rain boots. I haven't had rain boots since sophomore year of college, which was quite a few years ago. These are adorable and the price was certainly right. So what can I say? I'm excited for my purchases.

I think it's fine. A little retail therapy never really killed anyone, right? But I can't help but think to myself in the very back of my head, should I really be my own Santa?
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Why I Can Withstand Winter...

I just saw a slideshow on AOL about what your boots say about your personality and I'd like to think that they are true. But I have so many different pairs of boots that apparently I have multiple personalities!

My knee-high boots are the most comfortable things ever. They are from Banana Republic and have a buckle up top. They are adorable and black so they are one of my best friends throughout the winter. I also just bought flat black boots finally! They were one of my Black Friday purchases from Nine West.

The winter boots are of course my Uggs, which I have not chosen for style, but for warmth and comfort. Love them. And my ankle boots were a very exciting purchase of gray booties by Report - can't wait to break those out again. Check out what my choices mean, according to AOL:

Knee-high boots
Sexy & Glamorous: You're a girly girl that loves to get dressed up. Knee-high boots show your elegant and sophisticated side. From kitten heels to stilettos, you enjoy being noticed and you aren't afraid to be daring & assertive. Possessing a variety of qualities, knee high boots keep your legs warm and can mask leg flaws. They can be extremely flattering and look incredibly chic.

Winter boots
Active & Dynamic: You're a person that is always on the go. Enthusiastic and self-motivated, you have a vibrant approach to life. From the slopes to the streets, you love to travel and experience adventures. You are a go-getter and a high-flier. You may like to try new things, but in a boot you want the same enduring qualities that you want in a man; durability, comfort, and style.

Flat boots
Steady & Stylish: You are a girl that is comfortable in her own skin. You are confident and well-balanced. You like to be fashionable but smart. You are secure in your decisions, and you are always reliable.

Ankle boots
Trendy & Modern: Friends look to you for the latest news in style, and to you, fashion is an art form. You are a trendsetter wherever you go. You have a certain edge about you, and you love to add a twist to your everyday look. At the height of fashion is where you feel most comfortable. You love to have a lot of options in life and have impeccable taste and have the panache to pull it off!

These all so describe me! I may not enjoy the cold weather, but the part of winter that allows me to wear my boots is a definite plus.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Salemail!

My twice-weekly Salemails from Shop It To Me have been helping me through the holiday season. I've been alerted to fabulous holiday gifts and even some of my favorite products are on sale. Here are some of my fave pics!

I'm totally pumped for my red Michael Kors pumps I ordered on Shopbop. I doubt I actually needed these shoes, but as we know, shoes are my weakness and red shoes are so exciting to me (not to mention perfect for the holidays), especially when I like to wear a lot of black on my nights out. They were marked down to $58.50 from $195. And they only had my size - that was destiny, right?!

I was very excited to see Nordstrom put the plain Juicy Couture velour pants on sale. My Puerto Rican figure cannot sustain the pants with the back pockets - can we say accentuation? But these had no pockets and were fun colors different from the black that loves to find its way into my closet. Only $49.90, down from $128. Now how would I have known they would be so cheap - I don't look at Nordstrom.com every day!

So thanks to Salemail for giving me a little heads up. They even told me that this was a new price and that it sells out quickly. And that is certainly the truth because sometimes I'll go back on a site and there won't be any more of the product in stock!

Alas, the company holiday party is quickly approaching. What am I going to wear? I was thinking of building my outfit around my newly-found Michael Kors pumps, but maybe I can find something else? I'll have to keep watching my Salemail from my favorite Shop It To Me. Stay tuned.
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