Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shades of Yellow

I love accenting the common colors of each season. It was an absolute delight to use a deep, rich purple in my wardrobe this Fall, as I paired it with some earthtones, blacks, and grays. As a new year dawns, so too does a rich palette of colors. And this Spring it's all about the yellows.

I've never been one to wear yellow. In fact, my grandma used to say that I looked like a fried egg in yellow because I'm so fair-skinned and often look like I'm washed out with the color yellow. Maybe a nice little tan will help that. As I glance through my closet, I don't see much yellow at all, except for one J.Crew cardigan Santa brought me for Christmas. What ever will I do this season to stay up on the trend?

Well, I can think of a few things. Accessorizing is always fun and with solid colors it's so easy to do. Why not find a yellow belt or a nice pair of yellow pumps that will really pop your outfit even more? If it's a belt, I think the best choice would be something in the brown or navy blue family over black -- black and yellow remind me of a bumblebee! But if you're wearing black on top and a nice pair of yellow heels, you can certainly belong to the trendy fashionista crowd. And a yellow accessory can really funk-up an outfit so don't be afraid to take risks.

Additionally, I have a yellow Cole Haan bag that I've had for a few seasons now and I'm still obsessed with it. I'm very excited that it will be the in-color, for I tend to wear it a lot during the Spring and Summer months regardless of the fashion trend!

For those of us who may not like to wear yellow, we can accessorize or try to vary the type of yellow. There's mustard, lemon, banana, saffron, gold, and the list goes on. Perhaps you will find a piece with some yellow accents on it. No matter what your yellow taste, there's sure to be some sort of item out there that will help you fit this fashion trend. But in the meantime, maybe you should get a tan on the beach first with the yellow sun… :)

Photo: Salina patent leather flats from J.Crew
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sometimes You Don't Realize It

I woke up in colonial times this morning. The power was out! And my first thought? How am I going to dry my hair?!

It's so funny to think about how much we actually rely on electricity. In the morning I:

Need light in the bathroom to take a shower
Dry my hair with a blow dryer
Need light to put on my makeup
Need to sometimes plug in my laptop
Sometimes leave the house through the electric garage
Like to get things from the fridge

I'm sure the list goes on and on, but I was very concerned about my almost-ragged appearance to work this morning. I considered scrunching my short bob somehow, but I know how that always turns out -- and it's never good. The power did end up coming on when I was in the shower so all was fine, but could you imagine what a bad start to the day that would have been?

As I left the house, I was confident. It was sunny out and I could finally leave the house with my sunglasses on. And then on my way to work, it started snowing. A strange morning, indeed!

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