Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In an age of caller ID and Blackberrys why is it necessary to answer a call as if it were a question as to whom is calling?

I noticed this recently as I was traveling because everyone is completely glued to their cell phone at all times. As soon as we land and are welcomed to a new city in the plane, everyone whips out their cell to once again be connected to the outside world. I can't criticize it - I do it too.

I can't imagine a time where cell phones weren't central to everyday living - and I lived through it! When I was little, Ang's parents had a car phone and I used to get so excited and loved the idea of that ginormous thing. What an advancement, I thought. And then cell phones began to emerge.

I had my first when I was in eighth grade, but only to call home in case of an emergency. It's not like what it is today. People are moving into apartments and houses and having only a cell phone as their main phone line for communication. I mean, who needs a landline these days? I never use the house phone unless there's something wrong with my cell.

All that aside, why do we still answer the phone with a questioning hello? You've no doubt checked the caller ID. I mean what if it's someone you don't want to speak to?!?! So maybe we should switch up the way we answer the phone. Think about it the next time you hear your ringtone (which also serves as a caller ID), check your screen and answer. I know it's a habit and maybe even a tradition. But honestly, I think it's just bad acting.
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