Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't Mess!

I went kickboxing last night. I'm now officially in pain. But it's a good pain-a great pain, actually-and I can't wait to inflict the same pain on myself next week!

First of all my editor, Gina, is kick ass! She just recently had a baby and she's out there kicking butt! She made it look so easy, but umm it really isn't that easy. Especially when you don't know what you're doing. But I think both Kelly and I did really well and totally got the hang of it by the end of the class. It's a great way to take out your frustrations!

First comes stretching, then cardio, and then you get to pair up with a partner and beat them up! Well not really beat them up but you get to punch really hard. There's a system to all the exercises and there's a pattern to various sets. You'd think I would've picked it up faster, being that I danced for 10 years. But it came eventually. All you really need to do is repeat the steps in your head or out loud and your body does what your mind tells you to do. I'm sure with the passing of weeks, I'll be able to pick it up even faster.

It's really fun because it's a class and you get to interact with other people, you get a great workout, and you feel a sense of empowerment. You're kicking butt after all. I feel like I can do anything now after surviving just a little over an hour (which passed by so quickly). I'll really have to learn to work on those pushups - upper body strength was never my strong suit.

My outlook on this is definitely hopeful. Practice makes perfect so don't mess!
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Roundup

It's a huge night for television. The Emmy awards are always a great night for actors as they can dress up, show themselves off, and perhaps take home one of those golden beauties. Some may use the time to express their political views, while others may bid farewell to the show that contributed to their great success. No matter what, it's always a fun show to watch and comment on.

I may have liked it better had perhaps someone funny, such as Ellen, hosted the show. Ryan Seacrest kind of bothers me because he seems very cocky. Not to mention the awkward stage, which had its audience sitting all around in a giant circle. It kind of sucks to be behind the stage because the presenters and winners had their backs to them the whole night and they were also always in the background shot on television.

Some of the fashions were great, of course. Katherine Heigl (whom I love) was beautiful in a white Zac Posen. And just as I exclaimed how classic she was, she cursed as her name was announced. Haha. And she wasn't afraid to correct the announcer who pronounced her last name wrong. But I mean come on, do you live under a rock?? I heart Izzie Stevens.

America Ferrera was stunning in a beautiful hue of blue and Helen Mirren looked beautiful out of her normal age appropriate clothes. Eva Longoria lifted her feet for Ryan Seacrest and showed off her red soles - characteristic of my favorite Christian Louboutin of course. Love him!

I really hate the fact that they decided it was OK to censor Sally Field's speech. Sure, it's not her time to go bashing the war, but it's called freedom of speech and her 30 seconds to say what she wants. It's her acceptance speech and she wasn't yelling profanities (well except when she said God-damn, which is probably why they stopped it in the first place). But they cut to a random shot of nothing for the rest of her speech, which really made me mad. Boo on network TV.

It was nice that The Sopranos won to finish out their run. I always like when a great series can round out their success with awards that recognize their work (even if this season was kind of forced and not as good as it was in the past - I was still a faithful watcher).

I did enjoy the Kanye sing-along for the evening, and I've really grown to like Christina Aguilera - girl's cleaned up her act. She looked classic and of course positively glowing as she performed with Tony Bennett. Britney wouldn't be caught dead doing something so classy.

So I guess that sums it up for me. It was something to do on a Sunday night and most definitely provided me with some pretty things to look at, including my favorite Dr. McDreamy. Sigh.

Photo: LA Times
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