Thursday, April 23, 2009

Customer Service is Key

I was unintentionally rude last night to a sales associate at Banana Republic. But, in my defense, he wasn't very clear in what he was saying and then after I gave him an attitude, he gave me an attitude back! Well, not for nothing, but I worked in customer service once upon a time and isn't the customer always right? You can't be snippy with a customer. You're representing your place of work. Well, here's the scenario…

I ordered the fabulous yellow dress from my previous post and it was way too big on me. So I went to exchange it for a smaller size. I was very excited that they had the size I needed and went to the cashier to make my even exchange. I told him that I just needed to switch the sizes - it was clearly the same dress, same color. He said OK and took my receipt. All of a sudden he says a number and waits for me, as if to give him my credit card. I looked at him, puzzled, and said:
What do you mean I owe you money?
Well, you purchased the dress from the online store and the online store is different from our store. You can only process returns here.
Well, that's quite ridiculous! Forget it then!
(I say this, kind of surprised and angrily, because why can't you just switch the size?!)
The whole problem here, by the way, was the fact that I had gotten the dress on sale and now the dress was back to full price. So when he said how much I owed, it seemed to add up to the full price of the dress. He responded to me:
I don't really understand what you think is ridiculous exactly? (He said this with attitude.)
Why would I pay you more money when I've already purchased the dress? Then I'm paying full price for it!
No, I'm taking the exact price you paid and charging you the same price. I have to return the dress and then have you re-buy it.
(He said this as if this was understood and looked at me like I was an idiot!)
Well, you actually didn't say that to me. It makes sense now and that's fine then.
I didn't know how to respond to all this! I may be an avid shopper, but I'm not completely aware of all the technicalities of every single store. Had he explained to me that he needed to return it first and then have me re-purchase it, there would not have been a problem. However, he decided to go ahead and do this without informing me and assumed that I would just swipe my card. I felt that he was taking advantage of me at this point and that is why I got so upset.

As he completed these TWO transactions, I was slightly mortified. Jess was with me and she kind of started laughing. She had to walk away and I'm glad she did because had we made eye contact I would have lost it! I really hadn't meant to be a grouchy customer, but he was not very clear!! Next time, he should explain what he's about to do and not give me an attitude back. Clearly, this Banana Republic employee was not instructed on etiquette!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Yellow Sale

I know I've spoken about yellow before and my inability to really pull off the color (not to mention my love of black), but I'm so attracted to so many yellow fashions this season! The one that really got me excited was this Banana Republic dress I woke up to in my email (and btw, BR is having an awesome dress sale where all of their dresses are $98 and under!).

Now, I know they have the dress in black (and by all means I love the color), but something is so inviting about this yellow dress. For accessories here, I suggest perhaps a black statement piece or something that will stand out. This is especially true for me due to the fact that my complexion is so light. I should be wearing the dress; the dress should not be wearing me.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Things About the Gym

I do my best thinking at the gym. I also am able to make some observations about what's happening around me. And I can't for the life of me understand the following:

1. Why do women wear makeup to the gym? Did you know that when you sweat and you wear makeup that your pores get nice and clogged? When this happens, you are more prone to acne and blackheads and really, who wants to give those little suckers any excuse to make a nice little home on your pretty little face?

2. Why would you wear a velour tracksuit to the gym? Don't you get hot with that long-sleeved winter ensemble on? Wearing your finest Juicy doesn't really scream gym-goer to me.

3. How could you have a really good workout when you're talking on the phone? The girl talking loudly on her Blackberry on the machine next to me would have been kind of irritating last night had it not been for my iPod. Through my peripheral vision I noticed her talk on three different calls in the span of my 45-minute workout on the arc trainer.

4. Don't you get hot when you wear your hair down at the gym? I don't know about you (and not to be TMI here), but I tend to sweat when I'm at the gym. If my hair were on my back (well, it's short now), I'd be disgusted and would probably get hotter!

5. I have found it's harder to have a workout buddy if you're just going to be doing machines. I like to go at my own pace. But I've seen lots of people in groups of four and five wandering around the gym, glued to each other. Are you sure you're getting the most out of your workout? Maybe you are - I just would feel overwhelmed having to keep tabs on so many other people.

Isn't the point of the gym to really get your adrenaline pumping and give you a few extra calories to play around with throughout the day? I think it is. That's what it is for me anyway. This isn't meant to be judgment at all (after all, I go to the 'Judgment Free Zone' and am just getting back on the gym train, myself), but these are just five things I saw last night as I watched the many people walking around.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Staying Alive in Season Five!

We've begun the book again and the rest remained written for the cast of The Hills last night. Situations could not be so awkward without a little bit of intervention by the MTV producers. But this is what keeps me (and millions of others) watching. And we are off and running on Season 5 - the alleged last season for Lauren. Here are some of my observations, in no particular order:
  • Heidi was clearly dressed for New Year's Eve.
  • Lauren's comment to Stephanie and Lo about who invited Heidi was deliciously devilish. It was equally hysterical when Lauren confronted Stephanie as she picked out fabric. Totally bitchslapped!
  • Just because you're texting with your frienemy doesn't mean you should show up to her birthday. And clearly you guys can't be friends.
  • Lauren cries in almost every episode.
  • If you hate someone and make it known and then do something obviously dumb in front of them, do you not think that they are going to rat you out for it? Ahem, Spencer and Cameron. The fight made me laugh heartily.
  • How could Stacie the bartender not know that Spencer had a girlfriend? Does she live under a rock? Those two are huge on publicity (not to mention the camera that was already in The Dime when Heidi walked in).
  • Spencer is still in the mood to make Stephanie his "un-sister".
  • Holly was at Lauren's party?? I only realized this when I saw the second show's "Last time on The Hills..." Do we not think there would have been some sort of confrontation between her and her estranged Barbie sister?
  • The Crested Butte dinner with Heidi, her mom, her stepfather, and her (surprise!) ex-boyfriend Colby was so awkward that it was fabulous. I was seriously cringing.
  • I love that Heidi's mom listened to her daughter when she told her that Spencer got into a fight and then used it against her when Heidi tried to make Spencer look good with his purple belt in Ju-Jitsu. Classic!
  • Did anyone else feel like Spencer looked like a Ken doll gone wrong?
  • Do people think that when they lie on this show, they aren't going to be caught when the truth is clearly on camera?
Oh The Hills, how you continuously suck me in! Of course I'll be glued all season, waiting to see what kind of drama unfolds next. And I'm sure I'll share it with all of you too!

What were some of your observations last night?
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Back to Black

I love adding a little color here and there, especially when spring comes around. But there's just something about black that intrigues me.

Black is a staple. I'm sure you've heard of the little black dress before. Now, why does every woman need a little black dress hanging around in her closet? Because in a pinch, no matter where you go, you can either dress said dress up or down with accessories. Say you're invited to an event at the last minute and need something to wear. Your little black dress is like old faithful - always there to serve you. You can dress up your black by adding a belt, a pair of red shoes, some costume jewelry, or perhaps a blazer.

When I wear a distinctive shirt, I love it. But when I think about it, there aren't many other places I can wear it. There are only so many times you can wear a distinctive shirt (yeah, I'm looking at you Bebe) with the same group of people, so these might need to be something that I spend a little less money on. But black is totally worth it. You can wear it so many different ways - not many people would realize you're re-wearing things.

Black is not just the color of funerals - it's necessary in your everyday wardrobe. And you wouldn't wear statement pieces to such an event, but can definitely outdo yourself when you're out on the town. And with all this black in my closet, I never seem to have anything to wear! Go figure!

Photo: Just a little example of a black dress and a statement necklace. Here,'s Lorelei dress (on sale for $78) and Primrose necklace ($115).
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