Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last week, my Word Origin Calendar (courtesy of Ang) had this entry:

glamour - Few Country people in the borderlands of Scotland and England could read or write in the Middle Ages. Those who had the skills were thought to possess a kind of magic in grammar. This enchanting quality, pronounced glamour in local dialect, ported over to its current sense of "enchanting beauty" in the early nineteenth century.

This explains a lot about me because I'm a grammar magician AND so stylish and obsessed with fashion. We already knew this, but it makes so much sense.

The glamorous, the flossy flossy.

Photo: Turner Classic Movies
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Golden Games and My Obsession

I can't stop watching the Olympics. I didn't think I'd ever be this interested, but I am.

Two nights ago, I fully intended to make it an early night and I was excited. It was around 9pm and I turned on the TV and put the Olympics on. I had been pretty into the swimming and gymnastics events, but nothing too crazy. The first event scheduled to begin that night was women's beach volleyball. I wasn't too thrilled with this as why would I want to watch that? Well, let's just say that the game got really really good and the set points kept coming up and the US was going back and forth with Belgium. I was rooting for the US all the way, of course. And we finally won! It was such a good game.

Next was swimming and how could I not watch Michael Phelps win his fifth and sixth gold medals?! He's just so amazing! Could you imagine having an 8-10,000 calorie intake every single day?? And then going out to win all these gold medals in Beijing? That's just too amazing. In fact, in the recap from last night I just saw that he won by one one-hundredth of a second! That's crazy and so awesome! Before I knew it, it was after 11pm - there went my hopes of an early night. And the gymnastics individual events had yet to begin!! I had to go to sleep, though, because I was just so tired and had to get up for work the next day! I saw the recaps yesterday morning and yes, our girls took gold and silver. USA! USA!

This morning when I turned on the TV, the Olympics were on again. Basketball is the sport this time (as you may know I used to play in grammar school and high school) and it's USA versus Spain. I was very excited to see this. I want the US to win of course, but I am partial to Spain because I did study there for five months. However, I saw the controversy with the picture and was not really thrilled with that. Additionally, as I watch the game (it's currently halftime), I see that Spain plays pretty dirty and international referees are pretty fickle in their calls. Sometimes a Spanish player may all but beat up an American and he won't get called, but an American may reach a little and he gets a foul called!! Kobe Bryant already has three fouls!! EEK!

I hope for the US to win big - we've been doing very well thus far. But I just never thought I'd be so interested in these Beijing games. Go Team USA!! Bring home the gold!!!

Photo: - I just thought this pic was hysterical and needed to share the stupidity of our "leader"...
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dawson's Love Commits Crime Against Fashion

I miss the days of Joey Potter. That's when I loved her the most. Then one day, that celeb from the posters she once hung in her room declared his love for her on a couch in Chi-town. Since then, we've seen Katie Holmes as a step mom and soccer spectator, with her daughter Suri, in a semi-decent movie with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah, and with purple alien hands no doubt due to her husband's, I mean her, obsession with Scientology.

And now? She's rehearsing for her Broadway show and wearing unflattering pants. I can't help but think of how boyish she looks. And not to say there's anything wrong with being a tomboy at all, but I am not liking this new look. Who said pegged jeans were a trend? Apparently thinks so, but I respectfully disagree.

The trend seems very 80s, and baggy jeans just don't look very flattering. Katie Holmes is such a skinny gal, but she looks wide and unattractive in those jeans. They are wrinkled and she looks disheveled - not stylish. I mean, good for her for wearing something to be bold. I try to make decisions like that all the time, but I think of it more like, "Can I really pull off this trend?" The pegged jeans may be a trend (I've seen pictures of Rachel Bilson in them too), but I hope this will not catch on. I have seen many in opposition to it and I hope it stays that way!

I guess there's really only one question left: What do you think Jen Lindley would have to say about this?

Photo: WENN
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brisk and Breezy

As I left my house this morning, I was greeted with a light breeze. The weather was obviously cooler from all this crazy rain we've been having. It's such a strange atmosphere outside and we've had this for a while - it's almost like the apocalypse is coming. Who knows, right?

But I was very excited to have this kind of weather this morning. I guess I do like the seasons after all. As soon as you start to get sick of one kind of weather, another kind greets you. I am very much looking forward to the Fall weather this year (even though I know the cold weather comes after and isn't so fun). However, I'm excited to wear my new coat that I bought courtesy of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

In any case, as I was enjoying the lovely weather, I noticed a neighbor outside - one that I've never even spoken to because she lives down the block. Well there she was, walking her Dachshund in her North Face! OK, lady, please let's not go crazy here. I know it was a little breezy but it was definitely not North Face weather. My only explanation for this would have been that this was the first item of clothing she was able to grab to just run out and walk her dog. But I know that my North Face isn't really accessible right now. It just struck me very funny because it's certainly not North Face weather.

I look forward to when I can wear my North Face again - I do enjoy throwing that on in the Fall, but until then I'll bask in the glorious breezes, wear my skirts and sundresses, and drive with my windows rolled down, sunglasses on.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Color Purple

I'm so pumped for the color purple this Fall. I love it. You'd think I'd hate it after having it broadcast all in my face throughout my four years of college, at school events, in the library, and on those ugly purple buses. But I don't. I love that deep, dark purple.

My history teacher in high school told us that purple is the royal color. It was first used by the Phoenicians. It just so happens that said teacher was wearing purple that day and we all got a kick out of it when she emphasized its royalty, especially since she was very confident in who she is.

I think purple is rich-looking - not in the sense of being wealthy, but in the bright and lively sense. It's a sharp color, one in which can be spotted in different shades. I personally enjoy the deep purple, rather than the lavender. Dark purple is more professional, while lavender is more fun.

Some things shouldn't be purple at all. I had many encounters with that terrible dinosaur when I was babysitting. However, done correctly I think purple is a very fetching color. In fact, some of my favorite eyeshadows are purple. I love the purple palette by POP and it goes great with so many outfits I have, not to mention my blue eyes.

Purple is just a great color and I'm so excited to have seen it in on the runways up to now. Just like the bright green of the summer, I'm sure I'll be picking out some fun purple pieces to gallivant in all around town during the brisk Fall days.

Photo: - I LOVE the shoes pictured above for the Fall. Ang found them - the girl's got style!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Anger! The Outrage! The Disgust!

Just ran out to get a quick wrap for lunch and of course I have to have an encounter. The sexual harassment kind. Why do guys (and I’m sorry to be stereotypical but workers on the street) think it’s OK to degrade you?? Here’s the played out situation:

Dirty Men: Hello beautiful ladies. How YOU doin’ taday?
Me: Umm please don’t speak to me. Thanks.
Dirty Men: Snickering.
Me: Ugh.

We walk in to order our food and realize that as we’re about to leave, the dirty, disgusting, filthy men are still there. It’s almost as if they’re waiting for us so they can sink their filthy claws in. Ick.

Dirty Men: OH you beautiful ladies have a nice day.
And then out of nowhere, a familiar song:
Take you down, I really wanna take you down. Take you down, I really wanna take you down.
Me: You wish.

I’m utterly disturbed by the male race. I mean don’t get me wrong – there are some good ones out there. But why must you men treat us women like we’re objects? I’ve been told by guys that I should be flattered when a guy hits on me. However, why would I be flattered at being yelled at in the street, whilst having my ass stared at? They tell me that it’s not always about sex, but that’s completely ridiculous. And this very encounter proves my point – that song by Chris Brown is clearly sexual.

Ain’t no worker gonna be takin’ THIS girl down.

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