Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MTV Mondays

Well, now that my beloved trainwreck The Hills is over, what am I to do with my Monday nights? Oh, never fear, Amanda, for MTV has a lot more "reality" TV up its sleeve. And that includes Bromance and The City.

Let's start with something I actually enjoyed. The City was good. I mean, it was still the obvious scenes and questions and dumbfounded looks from Whitney, but I still liked it and was slightly excited when a second episode followed the premiere. You can so tell what these personalities are like already.

Olivia is pretty awful - spoiled, rude, and has a greater-than-thou attitude. She was particularly pretentious in the scene at Bergdorf's when they went to meet Manolo Blahnik, talking about her first pair at the age of 17 at her deb ball. No one cares. Olivia is gorgeous though. Just ask her, I'm sure she'll tell you. (However, the previews do make it seem a little like she's looking out for Whitney and wants to make sure she doesn't fall for the wrong crowd. But is the Uptown crowd right for Whit?).

Jay is a player for sure. I don't trust him for one sec. I think Alex is partially looking out for Whitney and partially spiteful over Whit choosing Jay instead of him. And I'm not really sure where Erin came from - how does Whitney know her besides sleeping on her couch - but I do love her. She's sassy and seems sweet.

And I loved that Kelly Cutrone was in it. She may be a bit quirky and crazy, but she's a business woman with a lot of connections. And she really does seem to care about Whitney. Kelly seemed so motherly toward her last night. But is she sticking around the New York office now instead of the LA People's Revolution?

We'll see what happens, but I enjoyed the new drama and I absolutely love that it is in my own City - I knew a lot of the places they were at last night and that was very exciting. NYC > LA for sure! :)

As for Bromance - well I can't say much because I was mostly browsing the Internet throughout the show. I missed the beginning, but didn't care much for what I did see and pay attention to. It's a pretty ridiculous show with no staying power.

I'll be sure to set my DVR for The City; however Bromance does not appeal to me even if there is nothing else on TV - totally unwatchable.

Photo: MTV.com
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Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Like Santa

My grandmother used to say (in her best Spanish accent) "From mi to mi!" when she made a purchase for herself. While she had a really great mentality - I think I've been following her sage advice way too much as of late. Tis the season to go shopping. But I think I'm overdoing it a bit. I've made so many online purchases this season and I'm not done with my shopping yet! The reason: I seem to be buying myself quite a few presents.

Here's the problem as I see it. How in the world can I pass up such good deals? There are free shipping orders all over the place, as well as 20, 25, and 30 percent off sale price deals! I'm really trying to not get anything in excess - I really do think about my purchases carefully but I can't help it! I get such delight after making a purchase. Paying my credit card bill later on is another story.

I just bought a few things, two gifts included, from J. Crew. I was slightly miffed that the day after I placed my order, things went on even more of a sale, but what can you do? I still got awesome deals. My package arrived today and I was so embarrassed at the size of the box. It was so large and in charge that I could barely maneuver it back to my cube. It was so big because I ordered the cutest pair of rain boots. I haven't had rain boots since sophomore year of college, which was quite a few years ago. These are adorable and the price was certainly right. So what can I say? I'm excited for my purchases.

I think it's fine. A little retail therapy never really killed anyone, right? But I can't help but think to myself in the very back of my head, should I really be my own Santa?
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Why I Can Withstand Winter...

I just saw a slideshow on AOL about what your boots say about your personality and I'd like to think that they are true. But I have so many different pairs of boots that apparently I have multiple personalities!

My knee-high boots are the most comfortable things ever. They are from Banana Republic and have a buckle up top. They are adorable and black so they are one of my best friends throughout the winter. I also just bought flat black boots finally! They were one of my Black Friday purchases from Nine West.

The winter boots are of course my Uggs, which I have not chosen for style, but for warmth and comfort. Love them. And my ankle boots were a very exciting purchase of gray booties by Report - can't wait to break those out again. Check out what my choices mean, according to AOL:

Knee-high boots
Sexy & Glamorous: You're a girly girl that loves to get dressed up. Knee-high boots show your elegant and sophisticated side. From kitten heels to stilettos, you enjoy being noticed and you aren't afraid to be daring & assertive. Possessing a variety of qualities, knee high boots keep your legs warm and can mask leg flaws. They can be extremely flattering and look incredibly chic.

Winter boots
Active & Dynamic: You're a person that is always on the go. Enthusiastic and self-motivated, you have a vibrant approach to life. From the slopes to the streets, you love to travel and experience adventures. You are a go-getter and a high-flier. You may like to try new things, but in a boot you want the same enduring qualities that you want in a man; durability, comfort, and style.

Flat boots
Steady & Stylish: You are a girl that is comfortable in her own skin. You are confident and well-balanced. You like to be fashionable but smart. You are secure in your decisions, and you are always reliable.

Ankle boots
Trendy & Modern: Friends look to you for the latest news in style, and to you, fashion is an art form. You are a trendsetter wherever you go. You have a certain edge about you, and you love to add a twist to your everyday look. At the height of fashion is where you feel most comfortable. You love to have a lot of options in life and have impeccable taste and have the panache to pull it off!

These all so describe me! I may not enjoy the cold weather, but the part of winter that allows me to wear my boots is a definite plus.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Salemail!

My twice-weekly Salemails from Shop It To Me have been helping me through the holiday season. I've been alerted to fabulous holiday gifts and even some of my favorite products are on sale. Here are some of my fave pics!

I'm totally pumped for my red Michael Kors pumps I ordered on Shopbop. I doubt I actually needed these shoes, but as we know, shoes are my weakness and red shoes are so exciting to me (not to mention perfect for the holidays), especially when I like to wear a lot of black on my nights out. They were marked down to $58.50 from $195. And they only had my size - that was destiny, right?!

I was very excited to see Nordstrom put the plain Juicy Couture velour pants on sale. My Puerto Rican figure cannot sustain the pants with the back pockets - can we say accentuation? But these had no pockets and were fun colors different from the black that loves to find its way into my closet. Only $49.90, down from $128. Now how would I have known they would be so cheap - I don't look at Nordstrom.com every day!

So thanks to Salemail for giving me a little heads up. They even told me that this was a new price and that it sells out quickly. And that is certainly the truth because sometimes I'll go back on a site and there won't be any more of the product in stock!

Alas, the company holiday party is quickly approaching. What am I going to wear? I was thinking of building my outfit around my newly-found Michael Kors pumps, but maybe I can find something else? I'll have to keep watching my Salemail from my favorite Shop It To Me. Stay tuned.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drama, drama, drama...

What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.. unless you're Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt. Actually, what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo, until you find just the right gossip mag to buy your secret wedding photos.

Our favorite villains on The Hills have secretly tied the knot. The ceremony was so secret in fact that none of their family and friends even had a clue that this happened on Thursday until it hit the presses on Monday. How sad that you can't share such exciting news and invite your closest family and friends to share in what is one of the most important days of your life.

Watching The Hills Aftershow was so sad. Holly Montag (Heidi's older sister) was not informed of the news until she was deplaning to go to the Aftershow. And once there, she was informed live that it was on Thursday that this had happened. You could just see the hurt in her face - the poor girl started crying! It was so upsetting. And the whole time she just said she was happy if Heidi was happy. I mean what else could Holly say?

I think it's sad that Heidi still went along with Spencer's diabolical plan. I don't think Heidi wanted to do this without her family and friends (whichever of them she has left). Spencer has caused her to lose her friends, family, job, and now the fun and craziness that comes along with planning a wedding. Like Brett said a few episodes ago, "You are the company you keep."
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Patriotic and Young?!

I know, I know. I've been MIA for a bit - I was sick! But that's no excuse.

Here's a little recap of my Election Day experience.

Well, at first, I was so miserable all day because I was coughing and sneezing and doing all that fun cold stuff. When I left work, I really just wanted to snuggle up in my bed and take a long winter's nap (because let's face it, Daylight Savings Time has made it real dark real early!). In any case, I trudged over to my voting site and found my district. I had to wait in line!! But nothing like those horrid four-hour lines I heard about in the City. This was only a group of three and their little, adorable Pomeranian.

As I signed the book, I was proud of myself. I was exercising my right as an American. I waited and looked at the cute puppy in front of me who really had no idea what was going on. They joked and said he got half a vote. Then I, being the friendly gal I am, somehow struck up a conversation with one of them:

Woman: Oh, dear!! Is this your first time voting? (she looks at me with admiration)
Me: Actually, no it's my second… presidential election.
W: Oh my!! You look sooo young!
M: I'm actually 23. (I say this with trepidation, as I don't want to seem like I'm asserting my age or being snooty with her. I certainly didn't want to give off the wrong impression as a nasty little young'n.)
W: It's just so great to see all you young people voting. Really, it is. The kids on college campuses too are so active. It hasn't been like this in so long!

I smiled at her and said goodbye and wished her a good day. She was very excited that I was voting. But I thought to myself, do I really look like I'm 18? Ang got carded a few months ago to walk into a Rated R movie and she was appalled. We don't think we look that young. But one day I'm sure we'll be laughing about it thinking, Man, I wish they'd still card us!
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Monday, October 27, 2008


Recessionista, according to WordSpy.com, is a person who dresses stylishly on a tight budget. In an economy that continues to plummet, I guess we must cut out certain things. But does it really have to be the dream of my Louis Vuitton? Maybe I can start making lunch and bringing it to work. Or maybe I don't need to buy as much makeup as I do. But shoes and bags and my stylish clothes? I think that's a terrible idea.

I guess I've always been somewhat of a recessionista, even though they claim this is a new term. They just highlighted this very mentality this weekend in the Times' A Label For a Pleather Economy. The very title of the article makes me cringe because of its use of the word "pleather". Now, I understand needing to downsize and cut out excessive purchases, but there's no need to go crazy here.

The thing is, I've always been a bargain hunter - on the prowl for a good deal and a stylish outfit. I rarely pay full price for anything in my wardrobe just on principle. I mean, it's going to go on sale somewhere, right? We need to be smart about this. Plus with the right accessories you can make almost anything look great!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not afraid to walk into H&M or Forever21, but I don't do it that often. It's not because I'm a snob or because I'm a label whore. Sometimes, I find Forever21 to be quite overwhelming. I'd really just rather pay for the quality of something, rather than having my lovely new shirt fall apart right after I wash it once. Or that time I bought a pair of cute flip flops in H&M and had to walk around the streets of Madrid with a shoe that talked to me.

But I don't like to go overboard in my spending at all. I like to think about my purchases carefully, rather than impulse buy (although that can be lots of fun too!). I'm sorry, but I really don't think that spending thousands of dollars is necessary ala Sarah Palin. Plain and simple. It can be done for less - you just need the time to find what you're looking for. But I guess if you've got the resources, why not? Ha.

Recessionista: an interesting term. Anything with -ista or chic is usually the norm in fashion. I like to think of myself as a fashionista. Maybe I'm not. But I will continue to search for the things I like at a price that a writer can afford.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008


You probably won't be surprised to learn that I watched Stylista last night. It combines some of my great loves: fashion, journalism, and reality TV. Here, you'll find my observations on this America's Next Top Model meets The Apprentice reality game show.

Anne Slowey. She's kind of a Devil-Wears-Prada wannabe. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her at the top of Elle Magazine and I know that she needs to do this for the show, but is she really cold like that in real life? And how dare you talk to someone by saying "I only take iced lattes." We all know there's only one Anna Wint-, I mean Miranda Priestly…

The cast of characters is slightly mundane. You can so tell why they picked the people they picked. You have the bitchy girls (and boys), the different looks, and let's not forget Boobs McGee.

Can I just say that if Kate was so worried about not being comfortable in the more conservative clothes she picked, wouldn't she, as a stylish maven hopeful, be able to pick out something fashionable and more conservative, without losing herself? Isn't that the real job of a "stylista"?

I really loved that Ashlie won the ridiculous breakfast challenge, even though she was running late. I'm not sure as to why she got so lost (though the streets downtown are sometimes hard to figure out). If you're running late and unsure of where you are, then hop in a cab lady! Your job depends on it! However, she pulled off a simplistic look, probably by accident with time not on her side. But that just goes to show you that sometimes the best stuff comes out when you're under pressure!

I loathe Megan. She should've gone home. She was the one who said they didn't each need a 30-word blurb. Instead Arnaldo went. He should've opened his mouth and been more forceful during the task and in Anne's office. Such is life, though. Those kinds of people don't get ahead. It's the Megans of this world that sneak their way to the top. It sucks. And big deal, you're a 22-year-old boutique owner. So what? Prove yourself better.

I'm intrigued to continue watching Stylista, probably because I'm jealous and had contemplated trying out for the show. Additionally, it's a different take on ANTM, which, let's face it, is getting kind of old.

Will we have another Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly situation on our hands? We'll have to keep watching to find out!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boy, Meet Girl.

It's the age-old story. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl doesn't notice boy for a while. Boy gets girl. Boy dates girl. Boy and girl have conflict. Boy and girl break up. Will boy and girl ever get back together?

This is the theme of some of my favorite shows. We have Ross and Rachel, Ryan and Marissa, Seth and Summer, and now Dan and Serena. And sure, it gets old sometimes - the back and forth ranting and raving; the dramatic almost-kisses. But if that's the case, why am I always hooked? I suppose I'm just a hopeless romantic.

Gossip Girl has been added to my list of obsessions. I had heard such great things about the show and I thought their Season 2 campaigns were brilliant - to really hook their audience:

"Every parent's nightmare."
"Mindblowingly inappropriate."

The show really is just so great. It's just like what I miss from The OC. Drama, drama, drama. Not to mention some real cute Upper East Siders (and Brooklynites!). I love that there are still secrets to be discovered. It's fun, exciting, and leaves me wanting more. I finally got the first season on DVD last week and got through it in just four days. I just couldn't get enough!! I'm all caught up to this season now and can't wait to see what the next ep will bring. It's great and I hope the fantastic Gossip Girl writing stays smart throughout the season.

Watch for some upcoming posts about GG. I'm especially into the fashionista storyline of Little J.

Amanda Vera
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Marry Me!... In About Five Years

I would just like to start off by saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion - that includes you, me, and every other person in the world. What I'm about to discuss is not a reflection on anyone I know at all and I am not trying to judge anyone. I'm just attempting to ask a question because I am curious. Please excuse any sarcastic undertones - I cannot help it.

I would like to know what the purpose of a long engagement is. I was talking to Steph yesterday and she told me a story of someone who got engaged after dating for less than a year. The wedding date? Nearly five years after he proposed marriage and she accepted.

What's the point, I wonder? Is it pressure from the potential bride-to-be? Is it a fear from the potential groom-to-be that he will lose his partner if he does not put his claim into her immediately? Is it financial? Emotional?

I believe that if it is any of the reasons I stated above, then these two kids are just not ready to take the plunge. And if they still need time to get to know each other, then why bother spending so much money on a ring that, after time, might be given up?

Now, maybe I'm missing something. I'm not engaged or married just yet, but when I think about it, I think that a year is probably the perfect amount of time. Of course it does depend on the month you get engaged and when you want to have it - that's just timing. But more than a year-and-a-half is slightly torture isn't it? If I had so much time to plan an event, I think I might go crazy.

I know that it is different for each person and each couple. I know that no two people are the same, but long engagements bother me. Is it a need for attention?

The longer you put something off and procrastinate, the less likely you are to complete the task, right? Why procrastinate unless you don't want to do something? And are we ever really 100 percent ready?

Photo: MichaelBJewelry.com
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You're Doing What to Your Wedding Dress?!?!

Could you ever imagine trashing your wedding dress? Probably not, right? I didn't think I could either, but when I checked out this site that I found mentioned on Beauty and the Blog I thought it was so awesome!!

Check out TrashTheDress.com for a closer look at some brides who weren't afraid to declare their commitment to their new hubbies and weren't afraid to throw their gorgeous dresses into something other than a box.

I actually don't know if I could ever do it, but it is a nice idea when you consider the great pics you can get out of them (with just the right photographer of course!). Remember, this would have to be on a beautiful beach and not, say, in the middle of New York Harbor or at the Jersey Shore. See a pic below, from Trash the Dress' website.

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Fashionable Style

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

I came across this quote today and thought it was such a great one. It's so very true. In this time just after the conclusion of Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, we've seen all the latest collections, designs, and fashions. But what's fashionable right now will likely not stick around til next year. I think a girl needs style or fashion. Fashion is what they use within their style.

Fashions fall within trends. Trends have the potential to repeat themselves and the stylish ones will be able to pull of these fashions once again. People may at first resist the return of such trends they swore they'd never be caught in again. In fact, the girls in the office were talking the other day about a few items that have come back into style.

These co-workers questioned these comebacks and started reminiscing about their yearbooks and some trends, courtesy of the 80s. As they laughed at themselves, I found it funny, too, the way history repeats itself. It seems that some trends do come back in different forms. However, the stylish ones will come around and accept them and be able to adapt them to work in the present day.

Some fashions may never come back into style, but then again who knows? But let's save scrunchies for the bathroom and leg warmers for dancers who are parading around in cold weather. Agreed?

Photo: Fun stuff from DKNY RTW Spring 2009 Collection, Style.com
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Friday, October 3, 2008

My Heaven

Gina shared this article with me on Digg today about some YMCA locker rooms that were converted into a crazy apartment. My favorite pic involves shoes of course:

Happy Friday!
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Monday, September 29, 2008

My Reviews are Endless

I'm completely addicted to shoes (and nice ones at that), but let's face it: I'm not made of money. Being a writer/freelancer/blogger, I sometimes need to make lots of savvy decisions and less impulse purchases. And for someone who's as obsessed with beautiful leather bags and shoes as I am, that can be a hard chore to come by.

Enter Endless.com, where shoes start off at full price but in a matter of weeks miraculously decrease. It is a patience thing, but patience is a virtue, especially when this stylish writer is on a budget.

As part of Amazon.com, Endless.com has proven to be a great place to go anytime I'm in a bind. And the best part is that they have FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. If it's one thing I absolutely hate about online shopping, it's those heinous shipping charges. But Endless.com takes care of that, has free returns and even has a 110 percent price guarantee.

They certainly stand by this, I know, as I recently ordered a pair of shoes and then a day later found them cheaper somewhere else. Not only did Endless.com match the price, but they beat it and sent me an email within 10 minutes telling me they would credit my card. Now service like that can't be beat.

I have a closet full of shoes now and who could know that I've never paid full price for them? My options and love for shoes are certainly endless.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Got a Personal Shopper

Now that Fall is here, we'll need to make sure we have the proper clothes to sport during the cooler weather. And what better way to do so than to have your favorites delivered to your email inbox throughout the week? ShopItToMe.com does just that.

I cannot recall how I first learned of Shop It To Me, but I know I signed up for it last November. I was intrigued because I'm such a shopoholic and have become, over time, quite the online shopper/browser. With Shop It To Me, so many possibilities were opened up. So many shoes were brought into view, new clothes into my closet, and money out of my wallet (but that's why I have a job, right?).

Shop It To Me is basically my personal online shopper. Upon signing up, you select your favorite brands (there are more than you could ever imagine!) and select your sizes. You also tell Shop It To Me which days of the week you'd like to receive your newsletter - you can get it once a week, twice a week (like me), every day - the possibilities are really endless.

I can't tell you how many great deals I may not have been aware of had I not been a Shop It To Me gal. A BCBG dress I had obsessed over for months one day showed up in my newsletter - it was on sale at Bloomingdale's. I snatched that dress right up! The same goes for a pair of plaid Juicy shoes I would never have noticed had they not been displayed prominently in my Shop It To Me newsletter.

With less and less time to thumb through the sale racks and more time to browse online between beauty blogs, Shop It To Me really is such a great resource! It can save you time, headaches, and lots of money on brands you really love. Sign up for free today!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scripted Writing

I recently had a conversation with a few different people. It started out as a joke. And I was the target. Why, some wondered, would I write in script (or cursive, if you will) after the age of eight - the age at which teachers make you toil on the proper way to write your letters? I, along with my mother and my editor, am one of the few people I know who continues to write in script. But, I mean, why not?

It's so much prettier when you write in script (which is such a girly comment, I know). But why would they teach you that if you don't need it? When you write in print it's slightly juvenile isn't it? It brings me back to a time when I wasn't aware another form of writing existed.

Sure, I don't write each and every letter in the way it was meant to be written in script. But it's like driving a car - do you do everything the way you were taught in Driver's Ed?

Someone I know had a little bit to say about the script/print debacle. I'm not sure if he's just lazy or if this is really true, but he makes a good point:

"It's coming to a point where script is a thing of the past and a lot of people don't even bother anymore. It's only good for signatures because script is what can differentiate a person's signature. Print is mainstream now, especially in the age of computers - it is just a more familiar type than script. I think that one day people won't even be able to read script anymore."

The point here is that I love script - it's part of my personality. It may not be around forever, but I can use it as long as I know how!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bobbing My Head

My last haircut made me nervous because I thought it was way too short. This happens to me from time to time, especially now that I have the stacked bob. I freak out when I see how short it is and that I can't do anything else with it except style it straight. But I do love that I can pull this look off!

I was discussing my plan this weekend to let my hair grow out a little bit because I felt I looked a little like my brother (though I should mention this is completely in my head because this is definitely not the case with respect to hair). As we stood outside our restaurant waiting for some of the girls to get there, something happened. Literally two minutes after my hair conversation, I get a tap on my shoulder:

Random Guy with Accent: Excuse me, but who did your hair?
Me: Umm. Me? I uh got it done a few weeks ago by my regular girl by my house.
RGwA: Oh, OK. Well it just looks so good. I'm obsessed with it. And it's just that I own a hair salon on the Upper East Side. It's perfect.

I look at Ang and ask her if she told this guy to say all this to me. She said no (and I also know that she would never actually do something like that). But I mean, I had just, right then, been complaining about my hair! Could he have heard me? Who knows. I am slightly more pleased with my hair these days (probably because I'm three weeks into my last haircut). But these events certainly gave me a boost having a UES hair salon owner telling me how fabulous I looked. Maybe I will keep my hair just like this…

Photo: Jenny McCarthy (who knew I'd like something about her? But she's gotten so much better since her Singled Out days). JustJared.com
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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Longing For Less

In addition to Casual Fridays, we get Casual Mondays at my office. It's nice. But as I was putting on my jeans this morning, I thought to myself, "Who do they make these jeans for?"

It seems that most designer jeans - or any jeans for that matter - are way too long. And I'm 5'8". So I'm no shorty here. Why, then, do I need to fold up my jeans when I wear flats, even when buying a regular length and not a long?! Sometimes I even have to roll them up when I have heels on!! Despite my height I do like to wear three to four inch heels. There's no reason that when I stand at practically six feet that my jeans should still be way too long!

While hemming jeans is an alternative it slightly bothers me (and when can I find the time to go complete this errand??). I mean I'm already paying top dollar for good jeans and now I have to have someone cut off half the material? (Not to mention the cost of having the jeans hemmed.) And I'd like the original hem on that too, please. But what if they mess my jeans up somehow? I'll have to find the perfect tailor just for this jeans dilemma.

I recently bought a pair of Joe's Jeans at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I was very excited about them and they are one of the best-fitting jeans I've ever owned. But they were way too long. Luckily for me, I could use the Nordstrom tailor to fix my jeans and get them back relatively quickly. Personally, I did not care for the demeanor or attitude of this woman who thought she knew more than me. She was annoyed that I tried to tell her that I'd like them slightly shorter so that when I'm walking in heels, my jeans wouldn't be torn up from the NYC streets. They ended up doing a great job, but that's what I expected for the price I paid!

I guess I should count myself lucky. Most of my friends are just a little over five feet. I can't even imagine them in my jeans! They'd be swimming in them! But who, except for tall models can wear these clothes? Can anyone tell me?!

Photo: JoesJeans.com
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rachel Bilson and Edie Rose

I got an email last night about Rachel Bilson's new collection at DKNY. And this is when I thought - what's with the celebrity trend of having their own clothing/handbag/shoe/accessory lines?

I suppose the goal here is to entice people with a big name. Some may choose to buy a brand because of the name associated with it. For me, it's quality over the particular designer - at times. I don't think I'd pay $200 for a Lauren Conrad dress because I don't think it's worth that much. However, if there was one line we should be confident in it might be Lauren's because she does attend FIDM after all (or so they lead us to believe on The Hills).

But then we've got Victoria Beckham, Mischa Barton, and who can forget Jessica Simpson? Perhaps these lines are created to help flailing stars come back into the spotlight, but who knows? Sure, some of the lines are stylish and cute, but are they really worth the asking price? Then we have Sarah Jessica Parker doing her part for the downtrodden and having a cheaper line at Steve and Barry's. But then you think - how good could the quality really be? She had to still have been making a profit on this stuff.

I'll admit, I'm a bit intrigued by Rachel Bilson's Edie Rose collection. In fact, I think I'd wear the outfit pictured here, except the hat. I think Rachel's so cute and has great style (except when she got sucked into that Katie Holmes trend). And I miss the days of Summer Roberts. But I'm really wondering what the reasoning behind this is. Is it kind of like "Well, why not?" (kind of like the actors who break out into song with their own albums).

We shall see what happens, but I'll hopefully get a chance to check out the collection, even though I may be a bit skeptical right now. Rachel Bilson's Edie Rose collection for DKNY Jeans comes out this month. If you check it out, let me know what you think!

Photos: Rachel Bilson - People.com; Edie Rose - DKNYJeans.com
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Food for Thought

I got to bed at a decent hour last night - it was probably earlier than 11pm when I finally went into my REM cycle. But then I awoke at 4:30am and I was wide awake! I could not fall back to sleep. Yet, somehow I closed my eyes and when I opened them, it was 5:45am, which is still TOO EARLY for me to arise for the day. Again, I was wide awake and thought I'd never get to get the extra hour and a half I deserved of beauty sleep! Finally, I awoke to the noise of my alarm. And I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me. I hit snooze and those five minutes passed as if it had only been five seconds!

Why can I be wide awake and ready for the day at the ungodly hour of 4:30am and so horrified when my alarm went off at 7:15am?!?! That's practically a three hour difference!!
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Break the Ice

I almost cried last night when I saw Tyra. Not because I was so excited that ANTM was returning for another cycle (although I'm pumped even though I think it's losing a little of its luster), but because she was all blue in the face. Her icy makeup left a lot to be desired for me. What was with those bluish white lips? It's not like she was on the runway. Her done-up purple eyes were fun, but the lips - not so much. I know this was supposed to be a Spring 2008 trend (I enjoy the blue nail polish and eyeshadow), but I sincerely hope that THAT on the lips is not a trend for this winter.

I did come in at the end of episode one, so I wonder if I maybe missed something? Nevertheless, I was not a fan.. Bad, Tyra!!

Photo: Louis Vuitton runway - Style.com
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trouble in Hills Paradise

Last night on The Hills:

Lauren's just not that into Doug from Laguna, and Doug just sucks at acting, plus the writers, or lack thereof, cannot feed him proper lines.

Lauren: "I don't think this is working. It's not you, it's me."
Doug: "OH, right, I thought you liked me. It's just, like, you just hit me like a ton of bricks."

So many funny things about this. Oh well, Doug needed to go. He was so drippy and really he wasn't picking up on The Hills and the way the show works, as in "So whatever happened with Audrina/Whitney/Lo?" That's how it works on The Hills. You're a bad fake actor, Doug. I'm sorry.

And can I just say, that it probably was a little bit Doug and not LC, even though that's how she wanted to let him down. Let's be honest here. If she really liked him or felt something for him she wouldn't have given up so easily.

Oh well, I'm still obsessed with my fave "reality" show!

Photo: TheInsider.com
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last week, my Word Origin Calendar (courtesy of Ang) had this entry:

glamour - Few Country people in the borderlands of Scotland and England could read or write in the Middle Ages. Those who had the skills were thought to possess a kind of magic in grammar. This enchanting quality, pronounced glamour in local dialect, ported over to its current sense of "enchanting beauty" in the early nineteenth century.

This explains a lot about me because I'm a grammar magician AND so stylish and obsessed with fashion. We already knew this, but it makes so much sense.

The glamorous, the flossy flossy.

Photo: Turner Classic Movies
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Golden Games and My Obsession

I can't stop watching the Olympics. I didn't think I'd ever be this interested, but I am.

Two nights ago, I fully intended to make it an early night and I was excited. It was around 9pm and I turned on the TV and put the Olympics on. I had been pretty into the swimming and gymnastics events, but nothing too crazy. The first event scheduled to begin that night was women's beach volleyball. I wasn't too thrilled with this as why would I want to watch that? Well, let's just say that the game got really really good and the set points kept coming up and the US was going back and forth with Belgium. I was rooting for the US all the way, of course. And we finally won! It was such a good game.

Next was swimming and how could I not watch Michael Phelps win his fifth and sixth gold medals?! He's just so amazing! Could you imagine having an 8-10,000 calorie intake every single day?? And then going out to win all these gold medals in Beijing? That's just too amazing. In fact, in the recap from last night I just saw that he won by one one-hundredth of a second! That's crazy and so awesome! Before I knew it, it was after 11pm - there went my hopes of an early night. And the gymnastics individual events had yet to begin!! I had to go to sleep, though, because I was just so tired and had to get up for work the next day! I saw the recaps yesterday morning and yes, our girls took gold and silver. USA! USA!

This morning when I turned on the TV, the Olympics were on again. Basketball is the sport this time (as you may know I used to play in grammar school and high school) and it's USA versus Spain. I was very excited to see this. I want the US to win of course, but I am partial to Spain because I did study there for five months. However, I saw the controversy with the picture and was not really thrilled with that. Additionally, as I watch the game (it's currently halftime), I see that Spain plays pretty dirty and international referees are pretty fickle in their calls. Sometimes a Spanish player may all but beat up an American and he won't get called, but an American may reach a little and he gets a foul called!! Kobe Bryant already has three fouls!! EEK!

I hope for the US to win big - we've been doing very well thus far. But I just never thought I'd be so interested in these Beijing games. Go Team USA!! Bring home the gold!!!

Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com - I just thought this pic was hysterical and needed to share the stupidity of our "leader"...
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dawson's Love Commits Crime Against Fashion

I miss the days of Joey Potter. That's when I loved her the most. Then one day, that celeb from the posters she once hung in her room declared his love for her on a couch in Chi-town. Since then, we've seen Katie Holmes as a step mom and soccer spectator, with her daughter Suri, in a semi-decent movie with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah, and with purple alien hands no doubt due to her husband's, I mean her, obsession with Scientology.

And now? She's rehearsing for her Broadway show and wearing unflattering pants. I can't help but think of how boyish she looks. And not to say there's anything wrong with being a tomboy at all, but I am not liking this new look. Who said pegged jeans were a trend? Apparently People.com thinks so, but I respectfully disagree.

The trend seems very 80s, and baggy jeans just don't look very flattering. Katie Holmes is such a skinny gal, but she looks wide and unattractive in those jeans. They are wrinkled and she looks disheveled - not stylish. I mean, good for her for wearing something to be bold. I try to make decisions like that all the time, but I think of it more like, "Can I really pull off this trend?" The pegged jeans may be a trend (I've seen pictures of Rachel Bilson in them too), but I hope this will not catch on. I have seen many in opposition to it and I hope it stays that way!

I guess there's really only one question left: What do you think Jen Lindley would have to say about this?

Photo: WENN
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brisk and Breezy

As I left my house this morning, I was greeted with a light breeze. The weather was obviously cooler from all this crazy rain we've been having. It's such a strange atmosphere outside and we've had this for a while - it's almost like the apocalypse is coming. Who knows, right?

But I was very excited to have this kind of weather this morning. I guess I do like the seasons after all. As soon as you start to get sick of one kind of weather, another kind greets you. I am very much looking forward to the Fall weather this year (even though I know the cold weather comes after and isn't so fun). However, I'm excited to wear my new coat that I bought courtesy of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

In any case, as I was enjoying the lovely weather, I noticed a neighbor outside - one that I've never even spoken to because she lives down the block. Well there she was, walking her Dachshund in her North Face! OK, lady, please let's not go crazy here. I know it was a little breezy but it was definitely not North Face weather. My only explanation for this would have been that this was the first item of clothing she was able to grab to just run out and walk her dog. But I know that my North Face isn't really accessible right now. It just struck me very funny because it's certainly not North Face weather.

I look forward to when I can wear my North Face again - I do enjoy throwing that on in the Fall, but until then I'll bask in the glorious breezes, wear my skirts and sundresses, and drive with my windows rolled down, sunglasses on.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Color Purple

I'm so pumped for the color purple this Fall. I love it. You'd think I'd hate it after having it broadcast all in my face throughout my four years of college, at school events, in the library, and on those ugly purple buses. But I don't. I love that deep, dark purple.

My history teacher in high school told us that purple is the royal color. It was first used by the Phoenicians. It just so happens that said teacher was wearing purple that day and we all got a kick out of it when she emphasized its royalty, especially since she was very confident in who she is.

I think purple is rich-looking - not in the sense of being wealthy, but in the bright and lively sense. It's a sharp color, one in which can be spotted in different shades. I personally enjoy the deep purple, rather than the lavender. Dark purple is more professional, while lavender is more fun.

Some things shouldn't be purple at all. I had many encounters with that terrible dinosaur when I was babysitting. However, done correctly I think purple is a very fetching color. In fact, some of my favorite eyeshadows are purple. I love the purple palette by POP and it goes great with so many outfits I have, not to mention my blue eyes.

Purple is just a great color and I'm so excited to have seen it in on the runways up to now. Just like the bright green of the summer, I'm sure I'll be picking out some fun purple pieces to gallivant in all around town during the brisk Fall days.

Photo: SteveMadden.com - I LOVE the shoes pictured above for the Fall. Ang found them - the girl's got style!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Anger! The Outrage! The Disgust!

Just ran out to get a quick wrap for lunch and of course I have to have an encounter. The sexual harassment kind. Why do guys (and I’m sorry to be stereotypical but workers on the street) think it’s OK to degrade you?? Here’s the played out situation:

Dirty Men: Hello beautiful ladies. How YOU doin’ taday?
Me: Umm please don’t speak to me. Thanks.
Dirty Men: Snickering.
Me: Ugh.

We walk in to order our food and realize that as we’re about to leave, the dirty, disgusting, filthy men are still there. It’s almost as if they’re waiting for us so they can sink their filthy claws in. Ick.

Dirty Men: OH you beautiful ladies have a nice day.
And then out of nowhere, a familiar song:
Take you down, I really wanna take you down. Take you down, I really wanna take you down.
Me: You wish.

I’m utterly disturbed by the male race. I mean don’t get me wrong – there are some good ones out there. But why must you men treat us women like we’re objects? I’ve been told by guys that I should be flattered when a guy hits on me. However, why would I be flattered at being yelled at in the street, whilst having my ass stared at? They tell me that it’s not always about sex, but that’s completely ridiculous. And this very encounter proves my point – that song by Chris Brown is clearly sexual.

Ain’t no worker gonna be takin’ THIS girl down.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dining Out - Exposed!

I was disturbed the other night. I went to Applebee's and there, splattered across the new menus - calorie counts. My dining out experience has been ruined.

Now, don't get me wrong. This may be a good thing because maybe, just maybe, I'll look at the calories and see that I should be eating healthier, rather than heartier meals. But it also tends to just make me feel bad.

I'm not gonna lie. I've had the Applebee's Sampler as a meal and it's been delicious, but do you know that that costs me more than a days worth of calories?! I never ordered it with the intention of being healthy at that particular meal, but I was happy then.

I've never been one to count calories - I just try to take things in moderation. I'm not really sure where this calorie counting will get me (I think I need to partner it with going to the gym again), but maybe I can learn to live with this. And then my dining out experience won't be so bad and I'll learn to eat healthier when not eating a home cooked meal? Or maybe the opposite will occur - I won't care and I'll just go about my daily eating habits - taking in what I want in moderation. Or a combo of both? Only time will tell…
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

In a world of plenty, why do we never have enough? I find myself always wanting more. Three specific thoughts I had today:

-On a television of more than 1,000 channels there is never anything to watch.
-In a closet that is bursting with fun, stylish clothes that I purchased myself, I have nothing to wear.
-A computer that is just two and a half years old is not fast enough to keep up with me.

But, I think to myself, I AM satisfied with myself. I have all these good things in my life right now. What has made me feel this way?

The phrase "I'm so ADD" seems so popular these days, in a world of so many distractions. It's so easy to lose focus and start another project or get bored with what we have. We must be excellent multi-taskers so that we can keep up with society and even ourselves. It's funny when we think back to the age before cell phones and computers. Remember the beeper? Ang and I had secret number codes that we'd text each other throughout our mini-dramas. But what about the pre-Benjamin Franklin days of no electricity? I wouldn't be typing away on my "slow" laptop right now, I'd be writing by the light of a candle with my feather and quill. I cannot even imagine this.

I do wonder what the future brings - new technologies and probably new social networking tools. I'm sure we'll find new ways to waste time in the future, but will we ever be satisfied?
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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Toast to the Kids

Remember when a Shirley temple was one of the most sophisticated drinks you could have when you were a kid? At a family function this weekend, these two young girls put in their order to the bartender for a pitcher of Shirley temples, aka ginger ale and grenadine. It made me laugh because I thought about how silly it was, as I now sipped on my own gin and tonic. But we always used to feel so grown up with those drinks, as if we were one of the mature adults ready to take on the world.

What is it with mimicking and longing for something you don't have? It's interesting because when you're little, you just want to be older. But when you're older you long for the days of when you were younger. I suppose no one can ever be completely satisfied at where they belong in life. Maybe if little children could have all the privileges as adults and adults could get away with things and have the carefree days back from when they were little, we'd all be pleased. But how long do you really think the satisfaction would last? Would we ever want to go back to where we belong?
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ordering vs. the Brown Bag

It never fails. I cannot bring myself to make lunch. The truth is that I usually don't have time in the morning. So the logical response is that I'd make it the night before, but I don't want to do that either. And even on days when I have a little extra time in the morning, I'll either eat breakfast or just go straight to work, thinking I'll just order today.

Clearly this is a problematic disease. And I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Dawn said that she was going to start bringing lunch as her New Year's Resolution but has also had the same problem of buying lunch a lot like me. I also hear the endless calls from the front desk each day from a variety of different deliveries.

Think about it. What's usually for lunch if you brown bag it? A sandwich? A salad? Some leftovers? I'm honestly not that thrilled with these things. I like a good sandwich but the sandwiches I'll make are only good every so often and who wants to eat the same thing every single day?! Even sometimes when I bring my lunch to work I can be persuaded by the Crew to order something that is far more appealing than last night's dinner, AGAIN!

Lunch is an extremely booming business if you think about it. People need to eat it every day. Sometimes lunch is the first meal of the day for people who either get up late or skip breakfast because they think they'll lose weight that way (I've learned that this is not true). I know that I'd save a ton of money if I didn't buy lunch all the time but I just can't help it.

I've gotta eat every day - I really just love food. But how can I make a better and more appealing lunch so that I can leave more money in the bank?! The world may never know…

Photo: HeavensLittleStuff.com
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Monday, July 7, 2008

I Love Friends

My seven-year-old cousin walked into my room yesterday as I was cleaning. She asked me what I was watching on TV. It was actually the fifth season of Friends on DVD. It's one of my absolute fave shows, as we already know. But I must say, I felt so old when she asked me this question! It was as if I had asked my parents what that show with the man who puts down his wife constantly (All in the Family) was.

Last week, we read the reports of the rumored Friends movie and I must say I wish this wasn't true. While we know SATC was wildly popular and made lots and lots of money, making these wealthy stylistas even richer, it may not always do well at the box office. And, like Ang said after she saw SATC, it wasn't really necessary.

I loved Friends all the way until the last show, even though some people got fed up with it after 10 seasons. But I also loved SATC and I wasn't as thrilled with the movie, even though I did love many aspects of it. I just can't see Friends as a full-length feature film. Though the actors will always be those characters in my heart, I can still see Courtney Cox as Lucy Spiller. Matthew Perry as Alex Whitman and Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Huttinger were a bit more in their traditional Friends roles.

Of course I'll go see the movie if it comes to pass. How could I not see my faves in action once again?! And it has been often that I've been referred to as Jennifer Aniston. But hopefully (if this is really true) the movie will help little ones who have never experienced this show to see the wonder that is Friends.

Photo: WarnerBros.com
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Stylish Stereotyping

A few weeks ago, when I was in Florida, a funny thing happened. I was approached by an older, British woman in a mall bathroom. I noticed her staring at me, as I washed my hands, and was slightly disturbed. As time went on, I realized she was about to approach me and all I could think was that she was probably going to scold me for the burn I had gotten the day before at the beach. Here's what happened:

Lady: Excuse me?
Me: (I say nothing, but just stare at her, waiting for her to speak.)
L: Do you speak English?
M: (disbelievingly and chuckling) Umm, yes.
L: Oh OK, well one never knows down here...
M: ha
L: Do you know where the nearest Coach outlet is? You look like you would know.
M: Why, yes I do. I was just there. Go out of the bathroom, make a left and then another left, and a right at Borders. Go outside and you'll see it.
L: OH, thank you so much!! And I meant that as a complement - ya know, that you LOOKED like you knew.
M: OK, hahaha (I say, uncomfortably and immediately turn to get outta there)

I was wearing a sundress from J.Crew, flip-flops, and my HOBO clutch. I was carrying a Michael Kors shopping bag. I guess I fit the Coach stereotype...
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Think Plink

Alright, I may have a Facebook and a MySpace, but I’m certainly not as obsessed as I used to be. I signed up for Facebook way back in freshman year (eek!). At that time only students of certain colleges could join and you could see anyone's profile on the whole site. So it's funny to think of Facebook as the crazy giant it is today. And when did all these applications come up?

Think Plink is the latest fashion application. Not only can you tag yourselves in photos for the entire world (or just your friends and networks) to see, but you can also tag your clothing. What? I think that's kind of weird and pretentious because you're more apt to "tag" your Juicy sweats over the knockoffs you scored in Target. And if you tag something in Think Plink as being from a certain store, then other similar stores will start to send you information and advertisements. I get enough sale and new merchandise emails as it is. Why would I want another five million? Plus who has the time to sit there and not only tag their friends, but also tag their clothing items?

Apparently this is supposed to help people recreate a look they've seen on someone else. What ever happened to being original and creating your own style? And if someone wants to know where I got my shoes so badly, they can talk to me - ya know, like the olden days of communication.

SI Advance
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For my birthday a month-and-a-half ago I became addicted to something. It's not the worst addiction, but I really and truly love this because it exaggerates my features and is totally fun to wear.

I first decided to get fake eyelashes when I was picking up a few necessities in Sephora the week before my birthday. I thought, "Why not do something out of the ordinary for myself on my birthday?" Plus, I'd been trying so hard to find a good mascara that would accentuate my eyes. (I've since found a pretty good one with Clinique's High Definition Lashes.)

As I readied myself for the big night out, I couldn't stop talking about the lashes. How long would it take me to put them on? How would they look on me? Was I going to look like a fool? Matt thought I was ridiculous and kept making fun of me, but he's a boy so it's understandable.

I absolutely loved them! And everyone kept commenting on how awesome my lashes looked. I was so excited. Ang thinks I should wear them every time I go out and let me tell you, I've worn them quite a few times.

Serena recently sent me this article from a beauty blog about how far a gal might go to get those long lashes. There apparently is some type of glaucoma medicine that thickens and lengthens your lashes. However, this doesn't come without some side effects. Apparently this medicine, bimatoprost, is in the form of eye drops and can darken your pupil (I would never want this as I love my blue eyes). It also has been known to cause permanent damage to the optic eye nerve and even cause blindness. Yikes!! Who knew the price for beauty was so high?

This doesn't mean that you need to stay away from all types of lengthening measures. It just means to stay away from strange remedies. I love my eyes and my lashes, but use the fake ones to accentuate from time to time. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Million Dollars

OK. I dislike Drew Carey. And I think he honestly does the worst job ever on Price is Right simply because he doesn't show any emotion whatsoever. Oh how I miss BB! However, here is a clip from the Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular that is possibly the FUNNIEST thing ever. Enjoy! :)

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Fashion and the City

I (along with Serena) was one of the crazies who went to the midnight showing of Sex and the City: The Movie on Thursday night/Friday morning. And I had to go to work the next day. Yes, I didn't go to bed until 3am, but I know that it was worth it, even though I'm giving the movie an overall B+/A- for how good it was. But sometimes, I'm a harsh critic.

I'm not going to sit here and recount the movie for everyone because really there are some that have yet to see it and I don't want to spoil anything. I'm just going to talk about the fifth character, my favorite and most exciting part of the movie: the fashion, of course!

I'm not one to usually be obsessed with all of Patricia Field's choices throughout the series. In fact, I usually thought that they were completely outrageous combinations that I would most likely never even attempt (unless it had to do with Charlotte's more classic look). However, I was very impressed with the job Field did (though there was a strange argyle thigh high here and there), especially with the shoe and handbag choices. I seriously wanted to cry.

Of course my favorite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, made his appearance throughout the movie - displaying the beautiful red bottomed shoes I can only dream of at night. And those blue Manolos from the closet had to be the most darling and dainty shoes I've ever seen. Of course I'm jealous of Carrie (the WRITER who cannot afford to ever have all the things she does - trust me). But I take everything from this movie as being in fashion heaven.

I even grew to like those crazy gladiator heels Carrie wore (they're Dior, by the way). When I first saw them in sneak peek movie pictures on PerezHilton, I didn't know what to think. And I still don't think I'm completely sold on the whole gladiator look. However, it totally worked and I think about my fun sundresses and long for a cute pair. It can't be just any old thing, but I'm certainly going to shop around for both heeled and flat ones. We'll see what I can come up with…

Now for the bags. How darling was Carrie's Louis Vuitton Limelight clutch?! I love clutches in general, even though certain people like my friend Ess, thinks they are silly. Although they may not always be functional, they complete an outfit and I always choose looks (with some comfort) over convenience. And it's Louis Vuitton so you know it's timeless.

So I've talked about my fave accessories. Now for my favorite outfit (and no, it didn't go with the bird headpiece): it would have to be the above green dress with the floral jacket. It's all about green this summer (Ang and I wore unplanned green outfits yesterday to a birthday party) and I love it! The belt, the shoes, the dainty dress! It was simply fabulous! However, I could have done without the Eiffel Tower bag (what was that about?!).

All in all, Sex certainly did not disappoint. If anything, it left me salivating over the fabulous fashion and fantastic looks. And it gives me hope: maybe a writer can have the closet of her dreams…
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm not a total grammar snob. Really, I'm not. I may cringe at the sight of a typo, but I'm also aware of the fact that we're all human and no one is perfect. People make mistakes and I accept that. But sometimes it's quite ridiculous where typos will show up.

Case and point: a well-known fashion magazine. I won't specifically mention the name, but I will say that their recent cover had a very poorly Photoshopped cover of Gwyneth Paltrow. As I sat getting my pedicure last Friday I picked up this magazine and started reading. Just because I'm a journalism junkie, I tend to read the masthead and the Letter from the Editor. Well, this letter from a well-known editor-in-chief had a typo! The word sculptural was written as scupltural. I do not understand how, in a day of spell check and copyeditors, this typo made it all the way to print.

Such is also the case with road signs, storefronts, and other highly visible catchphrases. GB sent me this article from the Chicago Tribune about these two guys who have been going around the country with Sharpies, Wite-Out®, red pens, and more trying to fix typos. Their mission, says the article, is "to raise typo awareness." How great is that! And they're known as grammarphiles.

A comma really can make all the difference in the world. That's like the book Eats Shoots and Leaves. The wrong comma placement can make it like this panda bear eats, then he shoots (at something presumably), and then he leaves. But without commas, it is implied that he merely consumes shoots and leaves.

While these two guys (known as TEAL - the Typo Eradication Advancement League) go around the nation trying to better the grammar of the world, they aren't always met with happy, compliant storeowners. In fact, many just scoff at TEAL and make it out like the error is no big deal. (But it is!!!)

I don't believe that TEAL is trying to be snobby at all. One of the founders, Jeff Deck, says that he wanted to use his talent for the good of others. That's amazing. That's always the way I feel and I've often spoken about the problem I have expressing through a cover letter or resume that I actually have this typo-spotting ability. It's crazy but I love it! It certainly makes sense why I'm part of the Comma Crew!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grammar of Love

"Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means 'you are.' Y-O-U-R means 'your!'" - Ross, Friends

So Flavor Flav picked the right gal last night on the "final season finale" of Flavor of Love 3. We can only hope that after seven children and three reality TV dating shows, that it will be the final one (although I love the drama). Thing 2 totally loved him (even though I still can't grasp the concept of kissing him…). I was all prepared to discuss Flay-vore Flayyyvvv, however, I'd really like to talk about the "romantical" evening Black said she was having.

I first heard the word "romantical" when Lo Bosworth told Lauren Conrad that she thought that the dinner they were having at a posh L.A. restaurant was romantical. That's not a word (unless you consult Urban Dictionary, which is hardly an authority)! And it's driving me crazy. Say romantic or magical - but not romantical. From time to time, I'll say it mockingly (mainly because I can't stand Lo). But I know it's not a word!

I've heard the word so much lately and as I watched Flav last night, I heard Black talking about her evening. Where did this word come from? I realize that mainly uneducated people have been saying this on "reality" TV, but being as grammar-obsessed as I am (and I know I'm not perfect - although I'm pretty close haha) I cannot stand it.

Perhaps we need to educate our young ones a little better so they don't make up words or use poor grammar. Or maybe I just need to stop watching reality TV…

Photo: VH1.com
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Making Up Eyes

Eyes are the most important part of the makeup process. They may take the most time to perfect, but they are certainly the most important. Think about it: when you're having a conversation with someone, they are most likely (and hopefully) looking at your eyes. That's why eyeliners and shadow shades are the way to go. And defying the standard is sometimes a good idea.

For years I have been going against the typical top-lid eyelining standard. I don't use a regular thin pencil (my fave for the inside of the bottom lid is Prescriptives' Softlining Pencil). I use a thick one (Cool Effects by Maybelline). Now you might wonder how it's possible to get a thin line with a thick pencil.

I cannot recall where I came up with this technique. Perhaps I read it in a magazine or perhaps I decided to break the rules and do my own thing (I often enjoy experimenting). But by taking this pencil, holding the corner of my eye, and just getting as close as I can to the lash line, I can form a perfect line. Anytime I try to use a thin pencil up there, I cannot seem to make a line like this - it tends to come out more jagged and disconnected, at which point I try to fix it and end up with a super thick line that is no good for daytime wear. So I save my thin Prescriptives pencil for the bottom and if I'm running out, I make sure that I at least wear this.

Shadows are my favorite part of getting ready. With my blue eyes I like to use shades of purples and browns to bring out the color. Pop Beauty (from London, sold at Sephora) has a great collection to help you create the perfect look. Their Eye Cake (pictured, at right) is a palette of five shadows that can give you options in blending and highlighting. I've been in love with these for more than two years now and they are a staple in my makeup collection. They even have a Makeup Wallet that can be matched up with girls by eye color.

You can easily create the work-appropriate look or jazz up your face with a funky nightglow that's sure to make your eyes POP.

Photo: Sephora.com
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Thursday, May 15, 2008


As you may be able to tell, I've had a slight obsession with Sex and the City for years. Yes, I own all the DVDs and I know each episode by heart. So when I came across an article in Time Out New York about how SATC ruined NYC and is played out, of course I was intrigued.

The cover of this week's TONY is our four leading ladies (pictured, above), with tape over their mouths, and a headline reading "No Sex". The picture was a familiar one to me - one that I perhaps had seen when Ms. Carrie Bradshaw had her new 'do. I began my Google Image Search to confirm my suspicions - TONY photoshopped our narrator's hair, from short to long (pictured, right).

Now, why would they do this, I wonder? Is it because Sarah Jessica Parker is now older and they wanted her to look younger? Personally, I never liked that look on SJP because I did think it made her look a wee bit older. So were they trying to take her back to her original days of SATC, circa 1998? Were they trying to make it seem as if the girls had never left us (even though the article seemed to be more of an attack on the show)? Why not just use a picture where her hair was long? There are lots of those from the olden golden days.

To me, Photoshop is meant to make slight adjustments and should only be used to doctor something if it won't be extremely noticeable. I know that I'm crazy when it comes to discovering little details and the average person may not realize the difference, but someone did. And that someone is me! Once something is out in the open, it probably shouldn't be manipulated.

And as another note: while SATC may have ruined NYC for some, I still think it's the greatest place in the world. Even if those tour buses weren't around, you'd still have tourists running around trying to find these televised locations. I dislike tourists just as much as the next native New Yorker, for their slow pace and their inability to navigate the City streets. But you're just jealous that you didn't come up with the money-making idea of tour buses first.

Hopefully, the movie doesn't disappoint…

Photos, respectively: PerezHilton.com, HBO.com
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Drama

I watched the season finale of The Hills last night and honestly it didn't really do anything for me. I love the show, despite knowing that it's edited and partially scripted, blah blah blah. However, nothing new happened last night. In fact, the Aftershow was better than the actual finale.

We already knew that evil Lo was slowly driving a wedge between Audrina and Lauren. And that's where they left it, with a single tear streaming down our heroine's face. And as if we didn't know that Spencer and Heidi would reunite into Speidi (I've seen the pics from the Correspondent's Dinner!). But really, how dumb do you have to be to throw away your "job" when your controlling boyfriend follows you to Las Vegas?

Give me a break. You didn't make up with him when he brought you roses at Crested Butte and you freaked out because he was talking to other girls, but when he rudely interrupts you during an important work meeting you forgive him? Please. Oh well, at least the deliciously diabolical Stephanie Pratt was there too for entertainment purposes.

I enjoyed the Aftershow, however. And of course was ever so excited at the previews for Season 4. Why can't I stop watching? I think it's hilarious and ridiculously not reality, but I love love love The Hills! The music choices are especially perfect. I just feel like the finale could have been a little more exciting.

I would also just like to say how excited I am for the Super Sweet 16 Exiled show they showed a preview for last night. Those spoiled girls who got everything they wanted and more, including a stint on TV, now are sent away to remote destinations in Africa, Peru, Thailand, India, and more. I love it! One girl started crying because they were leaving her there all alone - well if you're alone sweetie, who's filming you? You've got the big bad camera crew to protect you. Do we think, though, that this experience will really change these girls for the better? People never change…

Photo: MTV.com Aftershow
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Brazilian Genre

I went to Esperanto with Steph last week in the East Village and I had a very pleasant experience, despite the waitress messing up and being a tad bit rude. I suppose I can forgive this with the good food and sangria, and the fabulous live Brazilian music I heard at the restaurant.

Since then, I've been on this Brazilian music kick. It's different than anything else, combining jazz, tribal, and soothing sounds all into one genre. I have no idea where to find a compilation of some sort of this kind of music. I've only come up with one song so far that I'm completely obsessed with - Um Segundo by Bebel Gilberto. It really defines exactly what I've been looking for throughout the past week. With that in mind, I've been able to use that song as the example in my daily Pandora choice.

It's funny the effects that music can have on you. I love the way I feel when I listen to this Brazilian genre even though I may not always understand the lyrics (though my Spanish background does help me a bit). I imagine myself in a posh restaurant in Rio, dressed in my chicest outfit, with my Louboutins on my feet and my cocktail in hand. My dream man comes walking toward me to sweep me off to a beautiful beach in Ipanema. (Hey! I did say this was an image!!)

So, then, my search is on to add to my already-crazy iPod of Marc Anthony, Madonna, Finger Eleven, 50 Cent, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and much more - I told you it was strange. Don't worry, mine's usually not the iPod of choice for a big event of shuffling songs. iPods are unique and that's the story I'm stickin' to!

Leave me some Brazilian music suggestions!!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nude Shoes: The Perfect Accessory

OK. We all know I have a shoe obsession. My dad actually told me I was sick yesterday when he realized I had another pair delivered. And he wasn't kidding, exclaiming that I needed help. But these were necessary because, if you remember, I had expressed the necessity of a cute black leather shoe - especially one that would be comfortable when I went out on the weekends - a default, if you will.

As I scan my closet, I realize that I'm pretty much set now, save a few pairs of summery shoes TK. However, I've realized that I'm really into this new nude shoe phase that seems to be all over the magazines. Now, I'm pretty tall. Despite this fact, I absolutely love to wear high heels because I really think they finish off an outfit and make you stand out. I have long legs to begin with, but nude shoes really have that ability of elongating your stature. I love that.

It's so great to me when you can use fashion to manipulate an appearance or enhance it in some way. That's the way I feel about makeup. I've had some guy friends tell me that they think makeup is stupid and solely serves as a mask for women. And while that may be true for some ladies, I like to think I use makeup to enhance the features I already have. The right purple or brown shadow can look lovely on my lids, while really heightening the blue in my eyes. And dramatic eyes aren't necessary for the everyday escapade, but are perfect for a night out at the club.

It's all in how you use these tools to put yourself together. Your appearance may be ruined with the wrong shoe, the wrong accessory, or a clown face. It's always good to find those neutral accessories that can be used in pretty much any situation. And that's what nude shoes do. They are moldable to almost anything and can really enhance your look. I think my dad may be raising his eyebrows again soon after he realizes that I've gotten myself a new pair of shoes!

Photo: Christian Louboutin heels in Sand
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shopping and the Gym

"Shopping is my cardio." - Carrie Bradshaw

An article in the UK's Guardian from yesterday talks about how shopping is becoming a form of exercise. So for all you shopoholics out there - there's good news!

Back up the train. I know I'm walking when I’m shopping (and I frequently do this), but I think the least exciting part is checking out the bank account after I've made my fabulous purchases. And that requires movement of my arm, of my eyeballs, and of my mouth when I gasp in horror at the big bill I've just created…

Says the article:

"'Mallercise' - power walking while window shopping - is a craze sweeping the US and catching on here. It's free, safe and, because the weather's not a problem, you can wear what you want."

I'm not exactly sure when said "craze" became popular in the good old U S of A. I mean I've always loved to shop and all, but if this were the case, why would I need the gym I detest to get up for at 6am?! Additionally, I see it says free and safe. Although these mallercisers are getting up and entering the mall before the shops actually open, I'd see something totally cute in a window and just return later on that day to buy it. Or better yet I'd wait around in the mall, probably grab something to eat, and then make my lovely purchase - Costly and Dangerous! So really, they're not doing me any favors.

Nowadays I don't go to the mall every day, despite being the obsessive shopping freak that I am. But is Britain (where one American dollar equals maybe two English pounds) trying to convince me that I should take a little daily trip and do a couple of laps before my workday? I think I'll stick to online shopping and early morning drives to my gym membership. At least there I can get my CNN fix for the day.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little Black Shoe

You'd think a girl as obsessed with shoes as me would be able to come up with the perfect little black shoe. But I'm actually finding it impossible to find a standard black, leather heel that can withstand the toll my shoes often take, as well as the occasional rainy day. What's a girl to do?

I've come up with many-a-cute shoe. The beautiful cognac Steve Madden ruched leather boot, the red patent Enzo Angiolini wooden-heeled peep-toe, and the brown suede Studio 9 rounded toe that actually makes me a twin on some days with a co-worker. I've got black Steven flats, fabulous brown Coach flats, a pair of green Juicy flats, and even the silver Jessica Simpson. But I cannot for the life of me find the perfect black heel.

I recently bought a pair of Michael Kors shoes that were black. The heel was possibly the smallest heel I've ever worn and would definitely not make me that much taller than my shorter best friends - fantastic! But when putting them on with certain outfits, they just don't seem to work. I need the classic black pump back in my life that will work no matter what I put on; a shoe that I can call good old faithful and count on in a bind. It seems that the characteristics of my sought-after little black shoe are what I'd say I need in a best friend.

I also just bought a pair of black patent Steven pumps that are oh-so-cute (yes, I realize this shoe fetish and constant purchasing is a disease - Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm a shopoholic), but they aren't the perfect black, leather pump. Where can I find this necessary part of my everyday wardrobe? He must be out there somewhere…

Photo: Christian Louboutin Black Leather Pumps
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