Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm a Jaywalker

Since coming to the DC metro area, I have found the people and rules of the city to be quite interesting. One such thing in particular is the subject of jaywalking. In NYC, you have people constantly darting across the street when no cars are coming. I really believe that if you've looked both ways (even on a one-way street) and it's clear, you can totally go. It's all about saving time when walking - jaywalking, speedwalking, etc...

But in DC (and definitely in Northern Virginia), I have witnessed individuals standing alone on a corner, watching the hand/man lights intently and with conviction. They will not step off the corner until that little man illuminates and/or chirps to indicate it's the pedestrian's turn to cross. Even on a street with little traffic, these people wait (and if they catch me stepping off the corner beforehand out of the corner of their eye, I get puzzled and nasty glares).

The fact of the matter is that it's not ever safe if you don't look both way (thanks, Mom and Dad). What if someone runs a red light? Then that crosswalk signal means nothing. Lots of factors come into play. I wouldn't just recklessly run across Queens Boulevard or even the tiniest streets, ya know. You have to be smart. But I cannot explain those lonely rule-rollowers at the edge of the curb. I'm a rules girl, myself. But, really VA/DC pedestrians?!
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