Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Summer Kind of Purse

I believe in investing in purses. As much as I love shoes - I eventually beat them up so badly that I have to part with them and this is very hard for me. However, a nice leather bag has no expiration date in my opinion. For instance, I've now had my Cole Haan bucket bag for two years and I break it out every summer. It's a nice shade of yellow - let's call it marigold.

I found a new bag that I'm crushing on and really why not get a new bag each summer? This Michael Kors Wainscott Large Shoulder Bag is perfect. The word "large" could tend to throw someone off, but I really don't think the bag seems too big. I realize it's tough because it seems that you'd throw things in this bag where there is no end - things may die on the bottom of it. But it's so pretty! I love this shade of blue. And I know it is of a nice quality because it is Michael Kors!!

I'll probably have to wait around to see if it goes on sale somewhere - you know it will. If anyone sees a sale, let me know!
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